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Welcome in the section Help & FAQ of the moving ART

You can find here all the answers to your questions about how to browse the website, how to buy or rent the artworks, the quality of the paintings and much more.

How tu Browse the Galleries and How to Buy/Rent Artworks

Dettaglio del Dipinto

By clicking on Zoom in you can view a detail of the painting and a sample of the framed piece (in a popup window)
Important: The frame you view is not the one associated to the painting, but just a sample one

Dettaglio della Cornice

Click on View the Frame for a detail of the frame related to the painting. When you find this button, it means the artwork selected is available now with that particular frame.

Acquista il quadro

By clicking on BUY (after having specified the quantity of paintings you want to buy) you are putting the artwork in the cart for the online electronic  secure payment   SysPay« with credit card. In a popup window you can view the content of the cart (all the paintings selected with related code, title and price) and the total to pay (delivery costs not included). When you are ready to send the order, click on Cassa in the popup window for proceeding to the page of the online secure payment with credit card.
If you don't want to use the online payment option, please use the Order Form and select an alternate payment option.
Important: Adding the paintings in the cart doesn't mean you HAVE to order them at the end. You can empty the cart anytime if you decide to do not complete the order or to change the items.

Noleggia questo quadro

By clicking on Rent you get to the rent form for paintings. It's enough to select the box related to the painting you want to rent and fill the form. You will receive an e-mail with all the info and the amount to pay and the link for the online secure payment  SysPay« with credit card and deails on alternate payment options.
We suggest you to use the button at the end of the form for printing the page and to keep a copy of your order as memo.
Important: The prices are intended monthly and donot include the delivery cost. You must rent at least 3 paintings for not less than 3 months. For shorter periods, ask for a quotation.

Are the paintings in the galleries the only ones available?

If you are looking fora copy of a painting that is not present in our galleries, you can order it. The paintings ordered require longer times to be delivered (5 to 7 weeks), than the copies already available on this site due to their realization time. For make the process more fast, please send name of the artist, title of the painting  you want, and, if available, a picture of it.

The prices vary based on complexity and size of the requested painting.

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Each gallery contains, beside the paintings for sale or rent, a bioghraphy of your preferred artist and a synopsis about his own style of painting.

- Botero, Fernando

- Cezanne, Paul
- Degas, Edgar
- Gaugin, Paul
- Klimt, Gustav
- Modigliani, Amedeo
- Monet, Claude
- Renoir, Philippe-Auguste
- Van Gogh, Vincent

Miscellanea Gallery
- Classic Masterpieces

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The works of art can also, at the request of your customers, be sold by you. In addition, an identifying plate can be placed below the painting stating "copy of........" and with a few remarks on the picture and the artist.
With a minimal investment, your residence or office will become a small museum and all this will certainly be a distinguishing mark of your premises, conferring class and prestige.
The painting will catch the attention of all guests, who will certainly be able to appreciate the novelty, thus bringing notable advantages to your business and a great boost in image.
Click here for accessing to the Rent Form >>

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